LGPC AIS Committee Meeting Scheduled for Aug 3

The LGPC AIS Committee has been meeting bi-weekly since January of this year to discuss how to protect Lake George from aquatic invasive species.  The LA Group, a consultant hired by the LGPC to develop a Lake George Invasive Species Strategic Action Plan, attends the meetings as well as members from local conservation organizations and municipalities.  Anyone from the public that is interested is encouraged to attend.

Past meeting minutes can be found here.

Upcoming meeting agendas can be found here.

The next meeting will be Friday, Aug 3 at 1:30 pm at Lake George Town Hall.

LGPC Portable Boat Wash Station Pilot Program

The Lake George Pack Commission (LGPC) is operating a trial boat wash/decontamination station pilot program this summer.   The boat wash station arrived in May, was in Hague in June, and is currently at Mossy Point Boat Launch in Ticonderoga for July.  The station will be moving to Norowal Marina in Bolton Landing for August and then to Million Dollar Beach in Lake George once that launch opens back up after Labor Day.

The new boat wash unit in action. Boats were washed prior to entering the Lake in May during LG Performance Weekend.