LGPC AIS Committee Mtg Fri May 17

The Lake George Park Commission will be holding an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Committee meeting on Friday, May 17, 2013 at the Town of Bolton at 2:30 p.m.  This meeting is open to the public.  Anyone wishing to attend is urged to do so.

Updates on AIS prevention planning efforts, Asian clam management, Eurasian watermilfoil management, and the Warren County Transport Law are on the agenda. Click here to see the agenda for the meeting.

Asian clam mats are being removed from the lake.


Senator Schumer Announces Federal Grant Porgram For AIS

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer has launched a plan to create the first-ever early detection and rapid response (EDRR) grant program to quickly combat aquatic invasive species once they reach new waterways. Such plants and animals as Eurasian milfoil, Asian clam and Hydrilla have already caused serious damage in Upstate New York waterways, and continue to threaten the shipping, fishing and recreation industries in the region if they spread. Specifically, Schumer revealed his new legislation would create a national response framework to allow states and local authorities to petition the Department of the Interior (DOI) for grants as soon as they identify a threat from invasive species, which would mobilize federal, local and state resources to help detect new invasive species early and to respond to and contain them rapidly, through efforts like spreading pesticides in localized areas.

Such funding would be very important for new invasions – and also highlights why preventing the spread of invasives and stopping new invasions before they start is so important.

To read more about the Senator’s plan, click here.
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Public Hearing Dates Set for Draft AIS Plan

The Lake George Park Commission has approved their Draft Lake George Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Plan / Draft Environmental Impact Statement.  This Plan is available for review and comment by the public, and is posted on the Commission website.  The public comment period runs through June 25, 2013.  Click here to download the plan. 

The LGPC will be holding two public hearings to get comments on the Draft Plan as follows:

  1. Tuesday May 21, 2PM, Fort William Henry Conference Center, Lake George
  2. Wednesday June 12, 6PM, Best Western, Ticonderoga

Lake George Park Commission Approves Draft Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Plan

The NYS Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) today approved a Draft Invasive Species Prevention Plan and Environmental Impact Statement to evaluate the efficacy and feasibility of aquatic invasive species spread prevention measures that may be employed in the Lake George Park. The Draft Plan is now available for public review and comment through June 25, 2013.

Read the entire press release here.

Download the plan here
(large file – 204 pages, 5.7 mb)

Town of Ticonderoga Passes Resolution Supporting Mandatory Inspection Program for Lake George

On March 14th the Town of Ticonderoga Town Board unanimously passed a resolution supporting the Lake George Park Commission in their consideration of instituting a lake-wide mandatory inspection program. Click here to see the resolution.

The Town of Ticonderoga is the latest of many municipalities to pass resolutions supporting the LGPC’s work on a mandatory program for Lake George. The Towns of Lake George, Bolton, Hague, Queensbury and the Village of Lake George have already passed similar resolutions.

Resolutions of support have also been passed by the Warren County Board of Supervisors, the Inter-county Legislative Committee of the Adirondacks, the Warren County Economic Development Corp., the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Lake George Association, the Fund for Lake George, and the Lake George Land Conservancy.

To find out more about the LGPC’s proposed program, click here.

LGPC AIS Committee meeting Friday March 8

The AIS committee of the LGPC is scheduled to meet Friday March 8th at 2.30 pm at Bolton Town Hall. Updates on Eurasian watermilfoil and Asian clam management activities will be provided, as well as an update about the current status of the LGPC AIS prevention planning effort. The public is invited to attend.

  • The 2012 Eurasian Watermilfoil Report has been released. Click here to download it (this is a large file).
  • The Fall 2012 Asian Clam Management Report is available here.

Click here to see the meeting agenda.

Click here for past committee meeting minutes.

Warren County Invasive Species Sub-committee Mtg Fri March 1

The Invasive Species Sub-committee of the Warren County Board of Supervisors will meet Friday March 1st at 9:30 am in the Committee Room at the Warren County Municipal Center at 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, NY.

As part of the agenda for the meeting, Walt Lender and Emily DeBolt from the LGA will be on hand to discuss some of the current AIS outreach efforts underway at Lake George, including the www.ProtectLakeGeorge.com website initiative and a short video available online created by the LGA that shows boaters how to Clean, Drain, and Dry their boats.

Minutes from the January 28th IS Sub-committee meeting (available on the Warren County website) can be found here.

For those not familiar with this recently formed committee, Supervisors Dickinson, Conover, Monroe, Bentley, Mason, Frasier, and Loeb make up the committee, with Supervisor Dickinson chairing the committee. The committee was formed in late 2012 in order to:

  • to participate in educating and informing the public about the threat of aquatic invasive species;
  • to coordinate with and support all of the task forces (The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC); The Lake George Association (LGA); The Fund for Lake George; and The Darrin Fresh Water Institute) involved with the efforts towards the eradication and prevention of invasive species;
  • to monitor the existing aquatic invasive species and search for and detect early, any additional aquatic invasive species which could become a threat;
  • to eradicate and/or control the existing aquatic invasive species;
  • to prevent any new aquatic invasive species from being introduced into bodies of water in Warren County.


DEC Commissioner Martens visits Lake George

On Friday Feb 22, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens visited Lake George to talk with area groups and local government officials about AIS spread prevention on Lake George.  Here is some of the local media coverage: