Before launching

Dry your boat, trailer, and all equipment completely.  Drying times vary depending on the weather and the type of material.   At least five days of drying time is generally recommended during the summer. However, this is just a guideline.  If your boat is wet, it isn’t dry yet!

Click here to learn more about drying times throughout the year.

If you want to use your boat sooner, follow additional steps to make sure it is decontaminated from any hitchhikers.

Decontaminate your boat and trailer:

Spray/rinse your boat and equipment with high pressure or hot (140F or higher) water.  Flush motor with hot water (140F or higher) according to your owner’s manual.

Decontaminate your gear and equipment:

Spray/rinse with high pressure or hot (140F or higher) water.

 Alternative Cleaning/Disinfecting Options. Dip gear that cannot withstand hot water into:

100% vinegar for 20 minutes
1% table salt solution for 24 hours
2/3 cup of salt mixed with 5 gallons of water
2% bleach solution for 10 minutes
3 oz. bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water
5% Dish Detergent solution for 10 minutes
¾ cup detergent to 1 gallon water
Household cleaners such as Fantastik® or Formula 409®, (or any cleaner with the active ingredient alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride) for 10 minutes.
Rinse with clean water after disinfecting.

Follow label instructions for all materials.  Dispose of all cleaning solutions away from surface waters in accordance with label restrictions.