Local boats can be sealed now through the LGPC’s Frozen Boats Program

The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) has established a “Frozen Boats” Program that allows local residents to have their boats certified as invasive-free with a Vessel Inspection Control Seal (VICS) in advance of the 2014 boating season.

The LGA's Floating Classroom was sealed as part of the Frozen Boats Program.

Having a boat with an intact inspection seal acquired through the Frozen Boats Program removes the need for that boat to visit one of the six regional inspection stations for a ‘clean, drained, and dry’ inspection prior to its first launch of the year into Lake George.

The program will provide inspection seals for local trailered boats that have been demonstrated to be exposed to the winter elements sufficiently long to kill aquatic invasive species. In general – 3 days of consecutive below freezing temperatures is cold enough to kill any AIS that might be on a boat.

The earliest ice out on the area’s local waterbodies will signify the end of the 2014 Frozen Boats Program, and seals will not be applied through the program after that date. While ice out is typically early to mid-April, it might be a bit late this year due to all the cold weather. Although, you just never know what the weather is going to do, so if you have a boat that you want sealed as part of this program, you should be sure to get it taken care of sooner rather than later.

A Vessel Inspection Control Seal (VICS)

Most local marinas and haulers that store boats over the winter have agreements with the LGPC and will be able to take care of your boat for you – but for those people who keep their boat on their own property – the LGPC has teamed up with local partners to administer the Frozen Boats Program.

You can go to www.LGBoatInspections.com for more details about the program – including who in your local area can come tag your boat if you keep it on your own property for the winter.

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