LGBoatInspections.com is now live

A new website, www.LGBoatInspections.com is now online as a resource for everything boaters need to know about the new mandatory inspection and decontamination program for Lake George. Be sure to check this site out as you are planning your trip to the Lake, so that you can plan accordingly to have your boat inspected before launching on the Lake.

The site has a checklist of what you need to do before you arrive, answers numerous FAQs, and has info about the regional inspection stations, including times of operation and an interactive map with driving directions.

Click here to read the LGPC Press Release about the new website.

Did you know that you can register your boat with the LGPC online now too?

Click here to register your boat online.  (All Vessels 18 Feet or Longer, or Any Vessel Mechanically Propelled by a Motor 10 h.p. or Greater, Must Register ANNUALLY with the Lake George Park Commission and Display a Registration Decal.)

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