Full Steam Ahead with preparations to begin Mandatory Boat Inspections

At the January monthly meeting the LGPC Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the final regulations for a mandatory inspection and decontamination program for Lake George.

Read about it in the Post Star here.
Read about it in Denton Publications here.

As of May 15, 2014 all trailered vessels will need to be inspected prior to launching.

Right now it is full steam ahead with getting the pieces of the program finalized and ready to begin for this season.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Tget on the water fasterhe new website www.LGBoatInspections.com will be live as of April 1. This website will provide details on the inspection process – such as the inspection station locations, hours of operations, what to expect when you arrive, etc.
  • An informational flyer about the program is being mailed to all registered boaters on Lake George. This flyer gives you an overview of how the program will work, how to prepare before you arrive at Lake George, what to expect when you arrive at an inspection station, and where the inspection stations will be located. Click here to view or download the pdf.
  • Rack cards and other outreach materials are being developed to help spread the word. Click here to view or download the pdf.
  • The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) has announced job opportunities for the 2014 boating season as part of the new Mandatory Boat Inspection and Decontamination Program. One Full-time Park Ranger position, one Full-time General Mechanic with a background in marine mechanics and several Vessel Inspection Technician (VIT) positions are available.The LGPC is looking to hire 45-50 VITs to help get the program up and running this summer! These people will be on the ground providing the first line of defense for the lake this summer – similar to the Lake Stewards in the past. This is a large number of people to be hired – so if you know someone who might be interested in working to help protect the Lake this summer – please help spread the word.
  • More info about the jobs is available on the LGPC website.

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